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Daily Prompt- Things we tend to carry

There's a lot of things that we as people have to carry. We carry burdens, accomplishments, faults, reputations, sorrows, feelings, I could go on and on...and we even tend to carry other people. So that's what this is about, people carrying people. Granted, when you think of that, you think of the human body of a… Continue reading Daily Prompt- Things we tend to carry

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Day 15: Describe 3 significant moments from your childhood

Wow, well this should be uh..fun? I really don't like writing about my childhood. Well, what I remember anyway cause I feel like it was just a series of unfortunate events. The type of shit you see in movies and what not. Not something a child should have to deal with and learn how to… Continue reading Day 15: Describe 3 significant moments from your childhood

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Day 14: Who’s your favorite superhero?

People usually ask you who your favorite superhero is, but you never really end up going into detail or giving them all of the reasons why. I really am torn between two..I can't just pick one...and of course, being me..both of my superheroes are assholes. And they don't even have real "super powers".    … Continue reading Day 14: Who’s your favorite superhero?

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Random 30 Day Blogging Challenge

Ok, so my friend Kori saw this random 30 day blogging challenge and she created her own so I decided to take hers up..though I have some concerns because of the simple fact that clearly it is not the beginning of the month...literally today is August 14th. Now the way my brain works the minute she posted… Continue reading Random 30 Day Blogging Challenge


I’m back bitchesssss

Okay, so not that anyone was concerned or anything...but I haven't written/blogged since my last post on December 2015. I KNOW! You've missed me, I'm sure. But you'll be happy to know that I'm back and hopefully with the extra ball that my friend Kori has thrown me, I'll keep up with writing. The extra ball clearly helps but let's all… Continue reading I’m back bitchesssss

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Most common lies people tell

Granted, this is obviously my opinion...and of course they are also in no particular order. 1. I'll call you back If you don't shut up right now...you know you're not going to call me back...like just stop. 2. I'll text/call you when I'm done We're human, we usually forget things..but let's face it half the… Continue reading Most common lies people tell

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Things you learn when your mother is diagnosed with breast cancer

2006.2007.2008.2009.2015 2006-First diagnosed, first round of chemo after a few months 2007-Second round of chemotherapy 2008-Double Mastectomy 2009-Third and last round of chemotherapy 2015-Six years cancer free There are certain things that happen in your life that will definitely change you. Having your mother being diagnosed with what is known as the number 2 leading… Continue reading Things you learn when your mother is diagnosed with breast cancer

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Overthinking: You’re doing something right

There's a lot in life that can happen that is completely out of your control. Being an over thinker, automatically you hear one thing and you see it happen in your head, step-by-step from beginning to end (in multiple ways may I add) This is clearly not a perk of being an over thinker. Or… Continue reading Overthinking: You’re doing something right


Hello world!

So, this is my first post. I'm still trying to get the whole customizing thing down, seriously bare with me folks. I have minor OCD and I really don't want to start blogging until I can get the blog looking how I want. (I know, issues) Thought I'd get that out there since I've been… Continue reading Hello world!