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Clearly…I’ve been slacking

Well, as you can tell I completely gave up on the 30 day blog challenge…horrible I know. I don’t usually call it quits with anything, but I’ve been apartment hunting like a mad woman and it’s not given me a lot of down time. The down time I do have, I spend laying on my couch or on the floor in my living room trying to forget that I have to find an apartment….pathetic.

ANYWHO. One of my best friends said I should blog about it and I told her she was insane because I mean if I didn’t have time for anything else…how the hell would I find time to write about my frustration?! Then I thought to myself…if I write about it, maybe it’ll help relieve some of my frustration and stress. So I am taking time out of my work day (HAHA!) to write about how utterly frustrated I am with apartment hunting.

So, my boyfriend (of almost two years) and I are going to be moving into our first apartment together. Now granted, that is stressful all in itself but finding the right little apartment has become so difficult that it’s adding to my anxiety and my stress of us officially moving in together. I know, I shouldn’t be worried and everything will work out if it’s supposed to work out…but seriously?! Tell that to my ANXIETY. We obviously have a budget, specific areas, specific needs (fucking washer and dryer-or at least hook-ups) and travel time to work…etc etc…it’s just a lot.

Another thing I also need to keep in mind is that my grandmother is currently living with me in my apartment. She wants her own place and she placed herself on a wait list for an apartment complex. She also has NO idea…I really mean NONE, as to when they will be contacting her with the availability of an apartment. I know right?! I mean I get it, she got on a wait list and she is just waiting for them to contact her…but what happens when they do?! What if they contact her tomorrow?! Is she just going to pack her shit and leave my apartment?! I mean she’ll have to pay rent over there….so what happens then?! And then not to mention, what if they don’t contact her and my lease is up? Ugh. I swear. I just don’t want to think about it..because I overthink absolutely everything but then again, how can I NOT think about it!? 

That is my legit my grandmother. (who I am also currently teaching how to use my old laptop–It’s going pretty good) Anyway….glad I was able to vent. I deserve that right?!

*insert audible sigh here*

Anything you guys are frustrated about lately?! VENT BELOW! Seriously! Fucking go for it!!

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11 thoughts on “Clearly…I’ve been slacking”

      1. At least you have reviews to look at. When I was looking for a house for student accommodation at uni, we had walk all over the city, actually looking at places! Such an exhausting and terrible process 😥

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  1. Good luck with finding right place and the move once you do. It is super stressful, for everyone involved. I also hope your Grandmother hears about a new place soon. Not knowing is often the hardest part, but once a decision is made -whatever that may be good or not so good- it’s kind of easier because you can deal with almost anything life throws at you 😉 Things always work out, in the end! xoxo

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    1. Thank you! I actually stopped looking since my grandmother hasn’t heard from her places yet. It makes it hard because I need to make sure she has somewhere to go, so as of now..looks like I’ll be staying here a while longer.


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