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Daily Prompt: Ghosts in the basement

Walking through the short corridor she saw the faint image of a door at the end. Was it really a door? She wasn’t absolutely sure. Slowly walking the door appeared to be further and further away although she was walking towards it. What was happening? Why was this happening? She had just come downstairs to get a basket out of one of the boxes. She hated moving. This new house, there was something off about it. There was no telling exactly what it was, but she knew something was not right. Thoughts kept firing off at her to go back upstairs into the kitchen and wait until her husband got home, but it was just a box! Hearing faint noises behind her, she turned around to find nothing but darkness. Brushing it off as if it was nothing, she turned back to see the door was right in front of her. Weird, it seemed further away. Turning the cold knob she opened the door. Darkness. Pitch black darkness. Taking one step she tumbled down into nothingness, hearing the door slam as she fell into the abyss.

Daily Prompt via The Daily Post: Ghost

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