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Most common lies people tell

Granted, this is obviously my opinion…and of course they are also in no particular order.

1. I’ll call you back

If you don’t shut up right now…you know you’re not going to call me back…like just stop.

2. I’ll text/call you when I’m done

We’re human, we usually forget things..but let’s face it half the time we didn’t really forget (or we probably did) but we never actually had the intention of calling or texting the person when we were done.

3. He/she is just a friend

Hahahaha. No, but seriously a lot of times we actually do mean this..but then again didn’t we start out as “just friends” too? Or weren’t we just “talking”? Yeah…I’ll wait…*awkward silence*  Yeah, huh no.

4. I’m down the street

I love this one, I use this one a lot. When you’re supposed to be somewhere at a specific time sometimes when you run on CPT (colored people time) ha! You don’t want to make the person feel bad by telling them that you are actually not down the street but finishing up with your winged liner and about to leave your house…it just is what it is.

5. No, that’s not what I meant

What…you mean that thing I said..? Oh no that’s not what I mean…what I meant was…(chances are that you actually did really mean what you said and that you just don’t want someone to feel bad)

Ok…so I know there are more. Clearly my head isn’t on straight right now so I can’t think of any…but yeah, keep on lying! Haha!

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